If you’re a lucky owner of an apartment with high ceilings, a world of possibility awaits you in the design department. Here are five great ideas that will help you make the most of those soaring ceilings.

1. Decorate all the way up

Decorating a tall room need not be a tall order – simply ensure that your high walls are tastefully adorned with a selection of eye-catching artwork. With high walls, artwork isn’t an option but an absolute necessity. Arrange artworks such that they climb all the way up your walls, whether you choose various smaller pieces or a larger statement piece. Artworks spanning a high wall draw attention to the voluminous height of a room, giving the space a sense of grandeur.

2. Hang a rug

Getting your hands on a piece of art big enough for a room with high ceilings isn’t the easiest task. A rug with an eye-catching design, on the other hand, is relatively easier to find and transport – whether from an artisan market or carpet shop. Have your vendor sew a long pocket on the reverse side of the rug so you can hang it on a metallic rail. Voila – an instant update to a plain wall that’s sure to be a conversation-starter!

3. Create an accent wall

A simple, inexpensive way of drawing the eye upward is by creating a breathtaking accent wall. Keep the walls of the rest of the room plain, while picking a bold colour for the accent wall. This is an instant way of accentuating height and injecting personality into your living space. Or, pick a luxe, textured wallpaper that functions as a large, attention-grabbing piece of art. If you’re the artistic sort, create textures of your own with a long paint roller twisted with coarse string. The best part about working with paint? Simply roll or brush over if you want an instant change!

4. Pick tall furnishings

A high ceiling means you’re free to accessorise with larger-than-life furnishings. When dressing your room, pick taller lamps and floral arrangements and go for furniture which will add a touch of luxury to your rooms, such as high-backed dining chairs and sofas. Pieces that are tall and linear draw attention to the room’s height rather than its floor size, creating an even more expansive indoor space. Make the most of your bedrooms, too, with a bunk bed or loft bed that’ll allow you to create a cosy workspace below. With high ceilings, large pieces of furniture like these won’t look overwhelming in the least – and will make your bedrooms more functional.

5. Light up in style

A well-appointed lighting fixture is a must for a tall room – and for good reason too. The large volume of space in the centre of your room needs something that will create interest – and what better than a dazzling lighting centrepiece above your coffee table?  Chandeliers are a timeless and elegant way to illuminate a high-ceilinged room – and having two or three is a simple way to visually separate a living area from a dining area. In settings that are more contemporary, try hanging a cluster of long pendant lights instead. However, be sure to keep to the rule of thirds –  for example, in a two-storey-high room, hang your lights around the height of a tall window.

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