So you’ve hired an interior designer to create your ideal home and spared no expense with your furniture choices. Every corner of your house looks great, but you still feel something is missing. In a situation like this, adding a piece of art (or two) might just give your home the extra pizzazz it needs.

With so many fantastic artworks available in the market, there’s something to suit every taste, mood and budget. If you’re thinking of framing the spaces at home with a painting, simply follow these easy steps to decorate your home like a seasoned art curator.

Determine the theme

Whether you’re aiming for a raw industrial vibe, or recreating that Scandinavian look, zooming in on a theme helps tell a compelling story of what you’re trying to achieve with your artwork. For example, if you've determined a minimalist Japanese aesthetic, then paintings containing earthy hues such as burnt orange and rusty red will enhance the feel.

Alternatively, you can also work around colour themes—use the shades and patterns on your painting to enhance the subtle hues and textures of your wall or decor.

Let the artwork serve a purpose

Just like how the difference spaces in your home serve a specific purpose, your artwork should reflect that too. Establish the mood you’d like to create in the room first, then source for artworks that’ll fit the atmosphere.

For example, the bedroom is considered a sanctuary to most people, so opt for paintings with soothing tones such as pale pink, powder blue, and soft sand to calm the mind and body.

Size matters

Perhaps we’ve been conditioned to think that artworks need to be big to make an impact, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. The world’s most famous painting, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, measures less than a metre in height and width.

Sure, a big piece of artwork is a bold approach and commands attention, but a series of small but beautifully mounted art has enough character to make a statement too. Four is a good number to start: Arrange them in a classic windowpane formation and see how it alters the ambience in an instant.

Find the right space

We’re not just talking about where you hang the artwork! Presentation is key, and the last thing you’ll want is your artwork looking lost amongst your decor.

Avoid overcrowding by giving your art pieces sufficient breathing space. Believe it or not, this creates a form of visual tempo for the eyes. And if you’re thinking of bucking conventions, another clever trick is to leave your artwork on the floor and propped against the wall. It instantly creates the vibe of an art studio for your home.

Embrace the alternatives

The advent of smartphones with highly sophisticated cameras means the pictures you took using your mobile is good enough for a high-quality print.

Why not turn virtual into reality with a wall at home inspired by Instagram? That way, you can proudly showcase all your favourite shots from your travels, or food adventures be that instagrammable coffee shot or the breathtaking view of the mountains.

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