Anyone who has ever undertaken a house move knows it is one of life’s most significant events. Indeed, for Keppel Land’s employees, the recent office move in December 2018 to their new agile workspace in Keppel Bay Tower is especially meaningful – after all, the company has been at its previous address in Bugis Junction Towers for a long 23 years.

It must have been hard to contain the excitement of moving into a new office, especially one that feels more spacious, modern and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In the spirit of strengthening collaboration as OneKeppel, the move to the Group’s flagship address in Keppel Bay Tower allows the different business units to foster greater collaboration and synergy under one roof.

The new office has been designed to feature an open and agile configuration that makes it easier for Keppel employees to facilitate cross-business unit collaboration at any time of the day. In addition, being under the same roof allows Keppel employees the flexibility and convenience of arranging discussions more easily and promptly.

Keppel employees also get to enjoy ergonomic chairs and height adjustable tables to ensure the workspace is more conducive. The building is also monitored for air quality. In addition, snack options in the breakout areas now include healthier options like fruits and nuts.

Take a closer look inside Keppel’s new agile workspace here:

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Promoting collaboration across diverse business units

The open workplace design was adopted to foster collaboration and agility. A wide configuration of workstations that includes standing desks and huddle areas caters to employees with different working styles and preferences.

Within Keppel’s office space, there is an internal staircase that connects Levels 10, 11 and 12. Having a connected workspace means it will be easier for all the employees on these levels – namely, Keppel Capital, Keppel Technology & Innovation, and Keppel Corporation – to collaborate, discuss and share ideas across their respective business teams.

Said Mr Raymond Bay, Manager, Corporate Finance and Treasury, Keppel Capital, “Compared to our old office at Bugis Junction Towers, the new agile office feels more modern. My favourite feature is the staircase connecting the floors, as it’s easier for me to reach out to colleagues across the Group.”

New technological improvements to enhance productivity

The new office also leverages technology for productivity and sustainability.

With facial recognition for building access, the building is now more secure. A mobile app allows staff members to print, schedule and book meeting rooms with ease. The office also uses artificial intelligence technology to help monitor human activity to dim or brighten a room where necessary.

There are no conventional phones to be seen anywhere. Employees make phone calls via a softphone through their laptops or via an app on their mobile phones.

But perhaps one of the most popular new features is that all desks now come wired with fast charging capabilities. Said Ms Brenda Khoo, Senior Executive, Marketing, Keppel Land, “I’m a fan of the fast-charging feature at our desks. As we’re constantly running in and out for meetings, it’s a life-saver since I don’t have to worry about running to the next meeting with a phone that is not charged.”

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