Your smartphone is getting smarter everyday – and these days, so are homes. Investing in smart homes is not just a fad. There are great advantages to purchasing a home that features the latest technology. It can be more convenient and adds greater value to your property.

Total convenience at just a tap of your finger

Imagine coming home and realising that you’ve forgotten your key. Today’s smart homes can save you the trouble of calling a locksmith. Just launch an app on your smartphone.

The Habitap mobile app for Keppel Land’s luxury waterfront development, Corals at Keppel Bay, does just that and more. You can use it to control your air-conditioners and activate your water heaters – and even book condo facilities, restaurants and arrange for groceries to be delivered! It’s total 24/7 convenience in a snap. And you won’t even have to lift a finger – except to tap the screen on your mobile phone.

A recent survey among residents of The Luxurie showed that residents enjoyed the added convenience and security since the introduction of the system. More than 80% said they found the use of a digital lock more convenient and felt more secure, since they could be notified remotely whenever the door was locked or unlocked.

Also, the camera allowed them to monitor what happens at home or at their front door, when they are overseas. The “open-close” sensors also allowed them to check if they had left their windows or drawers opened by accident.

Said Mr Alan Ang, who lives at The Luxurie with his wife and two young children, “We appreciate the security system with motion sensor the most. It notifies us when the kids are home and of any unexpected activity at the main door.

"The system allows us to be in total control of the house with the use of our mobile phones. We programmed the lights in the house to be activated on and off at pre-designated timings. The lights in the living room are also programmed to switch on when the main door is open."

Smart investment

Smart homes are here to stay – and if you’re thinking of purchasing a property, a smart home could add substantial value to your investment.

According to a recent report by global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, Singapore will play a vital role in boosting Asia’s smart home market, which is expected to reach US$115 million in 2030. This is largely due to the high Internet connectivity in Singapore.

Another 2016 report by CNBC showed that when it comes to millennials who are buying their first homes, smart and energy-efficient homes were near the top of their lists. And according to a November 2016 report by, a US-based review website, more home owners are also investing in smart technology, especially those what would help to reduce monthly expenses.

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