Some people may already get used to working from home. However, many also feel bored when they have to work at home continuously because of uncomfortable work space. Working from home certainly have a different vibe compared to working in the office. Redecorate your home and work space may help to increase your motivation and work productivity. Check out some inspirations of home office to make you feel comfortable during working:

1. Adjust the Lighting Quality

Sunlight will make your work space look roomy. Set your working desk and chair in the area near the window. Beside providing a fresh atmosphere, good lighting quality makes us not easily feel bored and tired. In addition, set the position of your computer back to the window in order to prevent reflection from sunlight in the computer screen.

2. Add Green Plants

A touch of green on plants can give the impression of calm, fresh, and cool. Plants that are placed around your work space are able to reduce feelings of saturation and stress. Choose plants that look attractive, purify the air, and don’t require much time to care for.

3. Create Agenda Board

The agenda board helps you to achieve the target that you already set. Put the agenda board in a place that is easy to see. You can stick colored sticky notes or grid boards to attach to-do lists, important notes, or ideas that help you stay focused at work.

4. Choose Ergonomic Chairs and Tables

Working posture really determines your productivity to work at home. To avoid fatigue, make sure you work at the appropriate ergonomic desk and chair. In addition to helping you stay focused, the ergonomic work chair also helps to correct your sitting position and minimizes injuries that might occur due to sitting too long.

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