It takes less than 30 minutes to reach Jakarta Old Town via The Riviera at Puri toll gate in Karang Tengah area. What’s up there?

The old town as the name suggests keeps the memories of the city of the past. Buildings around the old town are hundreds of years old that are still firm and well maintained. So if you go there, you will feel a different atmosphere. This article can be you and your family guide to explores the uniqueness of the Jakarta Old Town.

Museum Sejarah Jakarta

The building is known as the Fatahillah museum. It was designed in the style of classic Dutch renaissance from the early 18th century. Originally functioning as a city hall in 1925, then it became a judicial court office which doubles as a dark narrow prison on the cellar. The most famous prisoner was Pangeran Diponegoro on his way to exile in Sulawesi, after he was captured dangerously by the Dutch in Magelang in 1830. Until then in 1974 the building became the Jakarta History Museum.

Museum Wayang

The museum building occupies the site of a church which was built in 1640, under the name of the Old Dutch Church (De Oude Hollandsche Kerk). After several renovation the building on June 23rd 1968 the DKI Jakarta Administration made the building into Wayang Museum. The inauguration took place on August 13, 1975. With very inexpensive fee you can enjoy approximately 4000 wayang on the glass display. The museum collection The museum has a collection of various kinds of wayang, such as the Javanese wayang kulit, Sundanese wayang golek, gamelan, various traditional puppet and also Indonesian mask.

Museum Bank Indonesia

The museum is housed in a heritage building in Jakarta Old Town which had been the first headquarters of the Netherlands Indies gulden (De Javasche bank), the central bank of Dutch East Indies. In 1962 a new central bank headquarter building was completed, thus the old building was left to deteriorate. The building was restored into a museum in 2006, and was formally opened by the president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 21 July 2009.

You can watch a history of Bank Indonesia through a movie on the theater inside the building. Your head will filled with many insight about the long history of Indonesia bank. You will also can see the money collection in the past to the latest one.

There are number of other interesting museums to explore in the old town area such as the Bank Mandiri Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics and the Maritime Museum. Don’t forget to stop by at Cafe Batavia after your long exploration with your family by enjoying western menus to Asian flavors from the past. Now you have an idea where to go this weekend isn’t.

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