Swim Your Way to Good Health at The Garden Residences

With the current weather in the region hitting a high of over 30 °C all year round, more people are choosing to sweat it out in their swim gear. These “water workouts” include Hydrofit, a new aqua fitness class introduced by the Sports Hub, are steadily gaining popularity. Hydrofit includes exercises like yoga, push-ups, sit-ups etc, performed on floating mats in swimming pools.

During water workouts, the water not only provides natural resistance, but also gives a cushioning effect to your joints, which makes such exercises ideal for seniors or anyone suffering from stiff joints or arthritis.

By being in the pool, the uniform pressure of the water around your body also provides support to the body and can help to improve your overall balance.

At The Garden Residences, residents will be able to enjoy a wide range of water activities right at their doorstep. So whatever water activities you’re into, the latest condominium project by Keppel Land and Wing Tai Asia has just the right amenities to bring out the water baby in you.

1.      75m Swimming Pool

An artist's Impression of the 75m swimming pool at The Garden Residences

Enjoy long laps in this extra-long swimming pool which is longer than the typical Olympic-sized pools. At 75m, the pool will help give you a better aerobic workout and improve your stamina over the long run. With a larger pool, you’ll also get more space to yourself and your loved ones when you go for a dip on an especially hot day.

2.    Hydrotherapy Pavilion

Hydrotherapy is just one of the latest trends in fitness therapy, which uses water in a therapeutic way to calm your mind and body.

With the hydrotherapy wall equipped with massage jets and two massage beds in the pavilion, you’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of increased blood circulation which occurs when you are massaged by the water jets directed at your body. Increased circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your body and may help to boost your immune system. Massaging on cellulite-prone areas may also help to break down fatty deposits and lessen the appearance of cellulite.

3.    Aqua Gym

A great area for families to work out together, the Aqua Gym is a customised pool designed with various exercise equipment immersed in the pool. These include an Aqua-Rower, Aqua-Twister, Aqua-Abs, and Aqua-Strider, which help to bring up one’s heart rate for a revitalising cardio workout without any risk of injury.

4.    Swim-up Spa

An artist's impression of the Swim-Up Spa and Clubhouse at The Garden Residences

If you’re looking to lounge in the water after a water workout, you’ll want to try out this swim-up spa which features seats with jacuzzi massage jets for those aching muscles. Residents will also be able to swim directly up to these spa seats from the lap pool.

5.    Garden Onsen

Those who prefer a more relaxing time in the water can check out this man-made onsen that will let you relax both body and mind. Designed like a hot tub, this water feature comes with massage jets and can sit up to six people. Perfect if you need to forget your troubles and reset your mind for the rest of the week.

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