With the Chinese New Year upcoming, attracting wealth to your home with the help of some basic feng shui principles is simpler than you think! When it comes to courting good fortune, a few good tips are all you need to make Lady Luck feel right at home.

1. More open spaces equate to more wealth

Create open spaces to welcome fortune into your home. Wide spaces allow better flow of positive energy into and through your home, allowing for greater wealth energy to follow. Start by decluttering the living room. Take a tip from housekeeping maven Marie Kondo, who advocates that you should discard anything that doesn’t spark joy in your life.

2. Find your wealth area and decorate it with objects of value

It is believed that you should decorate the wealth area with objects that are deemed of high value to you, such as gold, jewellery, crystals, or simply a clear glass jar with loose change in it, may help to attract greater prosperity and abundance. If you want to go for something else, a jewellery box, or even the Monopoly board game will do as well.

To determine where your wealth area might be, look at where your front door faces. You can follow this list to guide you in finding your wealth area.

3. Let the wealth flow – just like water

Water is the ancient symbol of wealth in feng shui, and having a continuous flow of water within the home can attract more wealth into your life. You don’t have to build a gigantic fountain, just a small table-top one will do. And you know where to put it – that’s right, in your wealth area, with all your other objects of value.

4. Get new mirrors – or just move existing ones around

Mirrors act as wealth magnets and are often used to attract wealth into the home. They are commonly placed in the dining area because that symbolises abundance, as the mirror symbolically doubles the food on our table. If you don’t want to buy new mirrors, consider moving an existing one into your dining room. You can make it look different just by giving it a new frame, or simply painting the old frame. And if you do, gold is considered a lucky colour.

5. Plug your holes to prevent leaking – of wealth

Feng shui masters believe that holes in the wall left behind by old nails, screws and even pins can be the points through which energy and wealth leak from your home. So, stop that leak immediately. You can do this using wall putty, speckling or even toothpaste – find out how you can DIY here. Some people even putt caps on unused electric sockets as they believe they can also be where your fortune leaks out. 

Have you tried any of these feng shui tips, or have more to share? Comment and let us know what your tips are to attract wealth and prosperity into your home!

Or, you can hear what Master Wind has to say by watching the video below!

Master Wind's feng shui tips for ushering good fortune into your homes

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