If you want to see a different side of Singapore, head down to Keppel Bay and make sure your mobile phone has plenty of battery life. The coastal area has stunning views of Singapore’s southern shore, and to show you how beautiful it is, Keppel Land Live went down to get these Instagram-worthy pictures. Stroll along any of these locations and you too will find sublime backdrops fit for any occasion.

1. Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

This 330-metre long coastal boardwalk packs three magnificent views. Gaze at Keppel Island and its expansive blue waters, or turn around to enjoy the vibrant greenery of the Bukit Chermin hill. In the distance, the rocky cliffs of the nearby Sentosa Island can be spotted too.

TIP: Look out for House No. 30, the largest and grandest of the four conserved black-and-white bungalows on Bukit Chermin. It’s nestled in the lush greenery of the hill and makes for a picture-perfect snap.

2. Labrador Coastal Walk

One of the best places in Singapore to watch the sunset, there are three lookout decks along this coastal walk for your choosing. You can also maximise your photography opportunities by finding the Dragon’s Teeth Gate and Red Beacon navigational landmarks at the eastern end of the walk.

TIP: Sunsets in Singapore usually occurs between 6.50 pm and 7.30 pm. Head to the coastal walk earlier to see the sights, then sit back and bask in the glorious moment.

3. Keppel Bay Bridge

This artful bridge spans 250 metres and has seven asymmetrical cables that rise 50 metres above the sea. It links Keppel Island and Singapore’s mainland. Aside from being an architectural gem in its own right, it has spectacular views of the iconic, soaring curved glass towers at the nearby residence, Reflections at Keppel Bay.

TIP: See the Keppel Bridge in a new light, with special LED lights illuminating it at night.

4. Marina at Keppel Bay yacht docking area

A pristine marina with more than a hundred berths that can house yachts of up to 280 feet (85 metres) in length, Marina at Keppel Bay promises both an eye-opening and panoramic view. Keep a lookout for marine life such as the brightly-coloured clownfish too.

TIP: Marina at Keppel Bay has a fleet of yachts that can be chartered for getaways to Singapore’s waterfront spots and idyllic islands. Head to this website for a look.

5. Southern tip of Keppel Island

Stand at the southern tip of the island and you’ll have a breathtaking view of the sea and of the towers at the distant Pulau Bukom. You’ll also see the coastline of the Labrador Nature Reserve on your right, and Sentosa Island on your left. This is an ideal spot to whip out your mobile phone to capture pictures of the sun as it descends into the horizon.

TIP: Look for the large open field at the southern end of the island. That’s the best place to view the sunset, and you can picnic there too.

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