Live by the sea and you can enjoy many of nature’s gifts: panoramic views, cooling breeze and relaxing sound of waves. One disadvantage of a waterfront home, however, is the higher risk of your metal furniture and appliances rusting due to the greater amount of moisture in the air. Follow these four simple tips to keep your home rust-free.

TIP #1: Avoid wrought iron, stick with stainless steel

If you’re just starting to furnish your home, avoid items made of wrought iron, which are more vulnerable to rust and require more maintenance. Instead, opt for furniture made of fibreglass, cast-aluminium or stainless steel, which provides better rust resistance.

TIP #2: Wax on

Applying a layer of car wax to metal furniture and appliances helps them to repel water and creates a barrier between the metal and the air’s moisture. All you need is a clean, dry cloth to work the wax into the products’ surfaces. After that, allow them to air-dry and buff with a cloth.

TIP #3: Use a lemon to get rid of rust

To remove rust, sprinkle salt on the rusted spots, drench the salt with lemon or lime juice then leave the mixture alone for two to three hours. Afterwards, rub the spots with the rind of either a lemon or lime and the rust will come off easily.

Another quick, natural fix is mixing baking soda and water into a thick paste and spreading it onto rusted areas. Once the paste is dry, dampen it with water and scrub off the loosened rust.

Remember to cover the exposed, rust-free areas with a rust-proof primer then a layer of paint or car wax to protect them from future harm. The metal surfaces should be completely dry before the wax is applied.

TIP #4: A wash a week keeps the rust away

If you’ve invested in outdoor furniture, clean the furniture weekly and dry them with a soft cloth. This prevents salt, which causes rusting, from accumulating. Applying products with anti-rust compounds – including anti-rust sprays and anti-rust paint – every few months also protects your furniture against the elements and extends their lifespan.

Just a bit of extra care will help you to keep rust at bay. Just follow these few steps and your waterfront dream home will remain a dream sanctuary for you and your family.

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