Everyone cares about their working environment – and millennials are no different. According to a recent survey by Wakefield Research, a market research firm, 71% of millennial respondents said that “workplace design and environment” was just as or more significant than where the office is located geographically.

So what exactly are millennials looking for when it comes to workplace design?

1. Collaborative spaces

Don’t misunderstand them – millennials want to do their best at work. But rather than focusing on their competition, many would prefer to collaborate with their peers. In terms of office design, this means creating collaborative spaces such as hot-desking and shared benches, which allow for more interactions and flexibility. Millennials today love to move around and work with different teams to keep things fresh.

2. Latest technology

These days, you simply can’t keep a millennial away from the latest technology. To attract this tech-savvy group, wireless technology along with other plug-and-play equipment are all must-haves in a millennial’s dream office. Other perks might include immediate response time through instant messengers or chat applications, video conferencing to connect between geographies, cloud-based network that allows them to work remotely as well as dual-monitor set ups to increase their productivity.

3. Less like an office, more like a home

Recreational offerings like a pool table and KTV room are also perks that millennials look out for. Keppel Land’s headquarters at Keppel Bay Tower has a breakout lounge with a table tennis and pool table for staff to unwind and bond with one another. Keppel Land Vietnam’s office also features an open-concept with a breakout area to encourage interaction.

4. Work-life balance

Because they are constantly plugged onto the Internet, few millennials see the point of having to be physically at the office in order to get work done. To attract millennials, consider planning some social activities – such as afternoon coffee get-togethers and birthday/holiday celebrations – to create a sense of belonging while making the environment a fun place to work.

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