With increasing cost of electricity, it’s more important than ever to watch your energy usage. Here are three ways you can save energy at home, simply by making better-informed choices.

1. Choose a rice cooker or slow cooker

Instead of using the oven, which can consume a lot of energy, consider whipping up your next meal in your rice cooker or slow cooker! If you don’t have a slow cooker, a rice cooker can also be an incredibly versatile kitchen appliance. You can use it to make soups, fritatas or even a pork roast!

For a list of some innovative ways to use the rice-cooker, check out this list, which includes mac and cheese, a giant pancake, and hummus.

Slow cookers are especially great for busy weekday nights. You can leave it on and come back to it in just a few hours for a delicious meal. And because it’s on a low heat, it doesn’t use up as much energy as an oven would. Here’s a list of 25 delicious recipes if you prefer using a slow cooker.

2. Take a second look at your electrical outlet

Most people wouldn’t think to look twice at their electrical outlets, but getting a smart outlet is a quick and easy way to start saving energy at home. Smart outlets these days can do many things – from switching your appliances on and off remotely, to tracking your energy consumption. And they are getting more affordable too. If you’re looking to set up a smart home, such smart outlets are a good place to start.

3. Use solar power

Solar-powered devices are becoming more and more mainstream, and here in tropical Singapore, there’s no shortage of sunshine to power your electronic gadgets. Consider opting for products that can be charged by sunlight, such as battery packs and even computer keyboards. If you like being outdoors, getting a solar-powered, waterproof battery pack can help you power up your devices even on long trips into the woods.

Do you have any other energy saving methods to share? Comment and let us know!

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