Five great ideas to turn your condo’s outdoor space into an oasis of luxury and calm – so you can’t wait to come home.

That roof terrace or large balcony doesn’t have to be wasted space. Here are five great ideas to turn your home’s outdoor space into an oasis of luxury and calm for you and your loved ones.

1. Party outdoors

Bring the party outdoors by turning your alfresco space into the ultimate nightspot. Nothing is quite as decadent as building your own outdoor wet bar, complete with illuminated ice buckets. If you have the space (and if your building allows it), add an outdoor grill and pantry. Together with plush daybeds and a large lantern or two, your outdoor space will be set for endless nights of revelry. Add a large stone sculpture as a centrepiece for dramatic effect.

2. Get a rug

Not just any rug, mind you – but a large, plush, outdoor rug. Soft furnishings like these are transformative, allowing you to turn that spartan-looking space into an extension of your home’s cosy interiors. Not a fan of fuzz? Create your own ceramic “rug” with artisan tiles arranged in a unique design, for a centrepiece that makes a bold statement. Or pick up some paint and oversized stencils. A hand-painted patterned “rug” on the floor will be a great conversation starter.

3. Grow green

Turn an outdoor space high above the ground into your own garden in the sky. Remember, less is more! Keep your space light and airy with lots of neutrals, but be generous with green. High-quality artificial turf will give the appearance of a neatly-manicured lawn, while an evergreen wall is easy on the eyes. An herb garden on the wall provides some whimsy, at the same time, supplying culinary enthusiasts with readily-available ingredients for that next gourmet home-cooked meal.

4. Set the mood

For a glamorous, upscale outdoor space, opt for environmentally-friendly outdoor lighting powered by the sun over bright, white fluorescent lights any day. Have a deck? Line your outdoor stairs with rows of these discreet lights for a soft, romantic glow. Illuminate your alfresco dining area with some inexpensive romantic illumination options, such as lighted origami lanterns or shaded string lights; if you have a larger open space, opt for rows of Tiki torches to exude a rustic charm.

5. Go earthy

Bid adieu to those drab grey tiles on your terrace or patio, and instead go for a look that is warm and inviting by embracing earth tones. No run-of-the mill decking, please – we favour large, hand-cut stone slabs. No rattan here either – choose chic, aluminium pieces that add a minimalist touch. Fond of the occasional dip in an outdoor Jacuzzi? Opt for a large stone bath versatile enough to function both as a water feature and the ultimate creature comfort.

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