Packing for a move can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is some planning. Here’s how to do it:

1. Sell what you don’t need

Before you dump everything in garbage bags, weed out items to sell, donate or throw out. Selling preloved items will not only help defray your moving costs, but also help declutter your home. Begin by sorting your belongings into what you plan to take along, and what you plan to leave behind – then begin listing your preloved items on classifieds, or on used-item marketplaces such as Carousell. Preloved items in good condition can either be sold at flea markets or donated to Salvation Army.

2. Label your boxes

Before you seal the boxes, ensure they are labelled properly on both the top and on the sides of the box, indicating the contents of the boxes (e.g. kitchenware) and where they should go (e.g. kitchen). Clear labels will go a long way in helping the movers get your stuff into the correct rooms. Take special care to label boxes that contain fragile items, such as plates and bowls, breakable ornaments, or other treasured keepsakes.

3. Take photographs before dismantling electronics

It’s easy enough to unplug and bubble wrap all your electronic appliances, but setting them up again in your new home might not be such a breeze, especially if you have misplaced the user manuals. The simplest way to get round this is to take photographs of your electronics’ set-up before dismantling the cables. This fantastic time-saver will get you set up in your new home in a snap.

4. Pack a box of necessities

Unpacking in your new home isn’t going to be done overnight - it requires some planning to make sure you have everything you need without having to rip open boxes. Dedicate one box to items you’ll need right away upon arrival, such as toiletries, a change of clothing, chargers for electronics and even an emergency snack. Where possible, carry this box of essentials with you in your personal transportation to avoid losing it among the sea of boxes.

5. Get the whole family involved

While moving may seem more like a chore than a fun-filled family activity, use it as an opportunity to connect with the young ones.

It’s a good opportunity for young children to learn how to be responsible for their own belongings, especially if they are given the chance to sort and pack their own books and toys.

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