After an elaborate transformation, Keppel Bay Tower is now home to various businesses under the Keppel Group. The new premises at Keppel’s flagship address is part of the Group’s ‘Under One Roof’ initiative, allowing more synergy and interaction among different business units. Spanning across several floors, the new office now boasts many design features that make it easy for Keppel employees to collaborate closely.

“I had to work with colleagues from other Keppel business units on Levels 2, 6, and 10 for a two-month-long project that required multiple discussions. The ease of mobility in the flexible workspace facilitated spontaneous discussions and promoted the ease and efficiency of arranging many impromptu meetings,” said Ms Casey Chiang, Manager, Group Strategy and Development, Keppel Corporation. “It was really convenient,” she added.

An agile workplace that strengthens bonds

Many like Casey point to the office’s new open-space design as key to promoting a collaborative culture. Unlike in the past where employees typically work in traditional cubicles, Keppel employees are now in an agile workplace environment where they are encouraged to hot-desk, while still maintaining distinct “neighbourhoods” that make it easy for colleagues to find one another.

This way of breaking down corporate silos enables employees to build bonds with different people every day. It also increases the level of communication and strengthens relationships between workers from different departments within the same company.

There are also several standing desks and huddle areas for employees to congregate spontaneously. Meeting rooms can also be booked remotely via a mobile app, or on the spot through the touch-screen panels located right outside each room.

To further enhance opportunities for colleagues from different business units to get to know one another, an internal staircase was built across three floors, 10, 11 and 12, to connect Keppel CorporationKeppel Capital, Keppel Technology & Innovation as well as the Keppel Leadership Institute. Bright and collaborative spaces surrounding the staircase landing allow for spontaneous breakout discussions. Added Casey: “This has created a kind of communal vibe among us. Some chance encounters from different teams in the open office environment have also sparked new friendships.”

A shared Business Centre to meet and connect

Situated on level 2, is Keppel Group’s shared Business Centre. This is the place where employees across the Group connect with internal and external stakeholders.

Designed with a luxurious yet professional aesthetic, the centre features comfortable open spaces to talk, and state-of-the-art conference rooms for private meetings. There is also an IT clinic, as well as a fully stocked coffee and drinks bar at the centre that also helps serves colleagues and guests.

Collaboration also encourages care for one another

The open and agile workspace concept has not only helped employees collaborate better – but also encouraged them be more thoughtful towards one another, such as keeping their workstations clean and noise to a minimum.

For instance, for Mr Ryan Wong, Deputy Manager, Digital & Technology, Keppel Land, said “Every day, I get to choose where I want to work and who I want to sit with. With the clean-desk policy in place, staff members do clean up their workstations at the end of the day. Hence, working in such an environment could even improve a person’s health by reducing risk of sick-building syndrome which leads to overall better productivity.”

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