Six creative tips to take your condo’s interior from drab to fab — and match that spectacular waterfront view.

You’ve bought your first waterfront condo, and the outdoor view is breathtaking. But, your indoors are a blank slate. How do you transform your condo's interior to complement the view outside?? Check out these six creative tips.

1. Dress up your windows

You’ve spent millions to get that picturesque view, so maximise it and make it your home's focal point. For a rustic look, opt for wooden blinds. Besides aesthetic appeal, moods from “bright and airy” to “warm and cosy” can easily be switched with a tilt of the blinds. 

2. The view is the main event.

Place it so you face it – that spectacular view, that is. Draw attention to that picture-perfect spectacle with strategic positioning of your furniture. Move larger pieces like sofas so they face the windows. Angle chairs and tables such that they face your largest window, so guests know what’s worth looking at. 

3. Simplicity — a pleasing sight.

Less, as they say, is more. Keep the focus on the view by creating an indoor space that’s relaxing and comfortable. Opt for muted neutrals, and accents that feature colours and patterns that are easy on the eyes. 

4. Floors that go the distance.

With a waterfront home, functional flooring is paramount. Pick practical floors that can withstand water from the environment. Tiles, hardwoods, and laminates made specially to weather humidity are great picks for the indoors, while large hand-cut stone slabs add luxury to any outdoor space.

5. Your home, your gallery.

Go local. Home-grown artisans will have plenty to offer by way of paintings, ornaments or even furniture pieces that will give your home a unique ambience. A mirrored tapestry will liven up a plain wall; a woven throw or ethnic rug will jazz up a drab couch. Singapore’s Arab Street and Little India make for good starting points for your art hunt.

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