If you’re in the market for a new investment property, make it one with a waterfront view. With great views, gentle breezes and easy access to water activities such as boating and fishing, a waterfront home is a dream for many people and a shrewd investment for those looking to dip into the property pool. Here are some reasons why they make financial sense.

It’s worth it

In real estate, it’s all about location, and a waterfront home boasts one that is prime. Knight Frank, a global property consultancy firm that has been tracking the prices of waterfront homes compared to inland ones for years, has found that people are willing to pay up to twice as much to live by the water.

The premium was found in cities around the world, from Phuket to Dubai and Miami to Majorca. Waterfront properties in up-and-coming cities are an especially savvy investment – due to the limited number of homes that can be built next to waterways, they tend to appreciate in value when the land around them is developed.

Keppel Land’s Riviera Point condominium in Vietnam is a prime example. Located next to the Ca Cam River and near the commercial centre of Phu My Hung, the premium property will be a destination for retail, services and a wide range of food and beverages choices by the river, a development that’s likely to boost its real estate value.

The premier perks

With an ocean, sea, lake or other water bodies right at their doorstep, waterfront properties also tend to have unique amenities for their residents, which add to their market value. These can range from yachting and boating privileges to simpler pleasures such as fishing and swimming spots.

For instance, homeowners at exclusive condominiums Reflections at Keppel Bay and Corals at Keppel Bay in Singapore, both by Keppel Land, get a complimentary 3-year membership at the nearby Marina at Keppel Bay

But do your homework

Not all waterfront properties are created equal, and your research on any potential purchases should include the neighbourhood’s prospects and whether any renovations are needed to keep the home waterfront-worthy. The window frames and locks should be made of corrosion-resistant materials if the property faces the sea or ocean, for example.

You’ll also want to find out what type of access you’ll have to the water. For example, will you be able to swim in the lake or river that’s next to your home?

If you own a yacht or intend to purchase one in the future, what kind of berthing options will you have?

In some countries, you might also need flood or hazard insurance for your waterfront home. A look at the local weather patterns, including how seasonal changes might affect the water level and your access to the water, will stand you in good stead.

With the property market heating up in several Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, remember, time and tide waits for no man – a bit of homework will help you to find the best deals and most promising properties, and get you started on your investment on the waterfront.

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