Over the past few years, more people are getting their own terrariums. Terrariums are miniature gardens created inside glass containers. They need very little attention – just a little sunlight and the occasional spritz of water – a big plus for time-starved Singaporeans on-the-go. That said, there are still some things you’ll need to take note of for your miniature garden to thrive.

Here are our top three most important tips to keeping your terrarium fresh and healthy.

1. Light – not too much, not too little

When buying your plants for the terrarium, be sure to check on the optimal amount of light for each plant type. Most plants need light to live, and while plants in general prefer bright lights, indirect sunlight is often the best source of light for these micro-gardens. Placing them near a window usually works pretty well.

Direct sunlight can heat up your terrariums, raising the temperature of your glass container to a level that can hurt your plants. If you’re keeping your plants indoors, consider using grow lights or fluorescent lights.

Small ferns are a great choice for terrariums, but if you are thinking of using a variety of plants, check out this link to 10 of the best plants to use in a terrarium.

2. Keep things clean and tidy

While most terrarium plants are low maintenance, it’s still important to give them a snip every now and then to keep them fresh and healthy. If a plant has died, or has dying leaves, remove them immediately.

Plants that appear diseased – if they have spots, holes, or streaking on its leaves – should also be removed quickly to avoid infecting the other plants in your miniature garden. When removing any plants, be careful not to disturb the roots of the other plants as this may affect their health as well.

Regular cleaning of algae and fungi on the glass container will also keep your terrarium looking fresh and attractive. However, avoid using any harsh cleaning products as these may be bad for your plants and cause them to wilt. Opt instead for a moist paper towel or a lint-free cloth.

3. Avoid over-watering

First-time gardeners tend to over-water their plants. In the case of terrariums, this can quickly lead to their demise because of their small size. To avoid over-watering your mini-plants, consider using a spray bottle instead to lightly mist your plants. Most terrarium plants will not require you to water them every day. Once a week is usually fine, but if unsure, be sure to check with the place from which you bought your plants on watering frequency.

If there’s excess water in the terrarium, simply mop it up with a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth. Excess water can be identified by the condensation around the inside walls of the container, or if the soil is too wet. If your terrarium is within a closed container, uncover it to allow it to dry before covering it again.

Do you own a terrarium or are thinking of getting one? Tell us what you love about these miniature gardens, and whereabouts in your home or office you’d place them!

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