Keppel Internship Program for Students

At Keppel Land, we believe in offering learning opportunities to undergraduates. The Keppel Internship Programme is where you will gain valuable on-the-job experience, solve business challenges, develop innovative solutions and learn from inspiring leaders. Interns who excel will be invited to join the Keppel Land family. To apply for the Keppel Internship Program, click here.


Dai Chu Jian, Keppel Land intern

"My internship with Keppel Land was an unforgettable experience. Although it was my first foray into the real estate industry, I was given many opportunities to learn and grow. I was able to hone my technical skills and develop my skill sets through various learning initiatives.  The collaborative spirit and warm-heartedness of the people were truly evident and it pushed me to achieve greater things than I could have ever imagined for myself. Though my internship might have ended, I am now back and ready to kickstart my future with Keppel Land!"


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