‘Lang’ means ‘people’ in the Hokkien dialect. In Singaporean-speak, ‘Tiong Bahru Lang’ simply translates to ‘People of Tiong Bahru’.

At Highline Residences, we believe some cultures are too precious to be lost. We hope to help young Chinese Singaporeans preserve their linguistic heritage and promote multigenerational living. Dialects are important as they help us forge greater understanding of our cultural identity and heritage. Be part of the #Tiongbahrulang community today!

People of Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru, as Singapore’s first and oldest public housing estate, is still home to many elderly residents and traditional businesses. Here’s what a few original #TiongBahruLang think of their neighbourhood.

Tucked away in the back alley of Seng Poh Lane sits Yong Huat Upholstery, a 48-year-old business run by Mr Tay Meow Quee and his wife. <br>Video credit: Mothership.sg
Having lived in Tiong Bahru for over 43 years, Tiong Bahru is truly where home is for Mdm Leong Seet Har. <br>Video credit: Mothership.sg
Mr Ong Eng Bok lives in Hougang but he has his morning coffee at Tiong Bahru almost every morning, for over 40 years. <br>Video credit: Mothership.sg

The Heritage Trail

Take on a walking tour in the trendy heritage estate of Tiong Bahru. Experience the untold stories behind this heritage neighbourhood with secret places that were recommended by the Tiong Bahru Insiders.

Download a copy of the heritage map here!

Dialect 101

Do you think you can speak dialect as well as our #Tiongbahrulang kids?

Raina speaks Hokkien, can you?
Mattias speaks Hokkien, can you?
Shawn speaks Cantonese, can you?

Do you know how to say these household items in Dialect?